MPEC Postponement

MPEC Postponement & MPEC Book Call

02/02/2021 - 09:00 - Further Conference & Book Postponement

After careful consideration, the MPEC organising team have decided that we'd love for this conference to be held as a physical event if at all possible. As such we've decided to postpone until Summer 2022. Additionally we wish to re-align the book to the conference and will wait for abstracts for both when we release the call for contributions to these in late 2021, pandemic permitting.

06/03/2020 - 17:07 - Conference Postponement

Sylvia Massy's manager, Chris Johnson, has contacted us about earlier cancellations on the European trip MPEC was part of due to Covid-19. Given this, they've decided to postpone their trip. Leeds Beckett University and the MPEC committee have, in kind, decided to postpone the conference until May or June 2021. Please accept our apologies for this.

11/06/2020 - 07:47 - Call For Contributions - "Music Production Education - reflecting the future" - A Routledge Book.

The Music Production Education book will begin accepting abstract proposals as of today. For more information please read below or visit

​Call for Contributions: Perspectives on Music Production –Music Production Education - "reflecting the future" (Routledge)

Deadline for proposals: 1st December 2020

Chapters to be submitted: 1st Nov 2021

Proposed publication date: August 2022.

Book Chapter Proposals to be submitted via:

Conference paper proposals (2021) - please visit

We are currently inviting chapter proposals for the book Music Production Education as a separate to but allied resource to the conference series. In keeping with the ethos of the conference we are happy to consider a broad spectrum of submissions on the subject of music technology and production education at all levels. The following areas are offered as a guide:

Music Production Education - "Reflecting the Future"

Book Scope:

    • Pedagogical models for teaching music production theory and practice

    • Educational paradigms in music technology & production

    • Gender representation within music production education

    • Equality and diversity

    • Current music technology progression through to Higher Education

    • Production analysis and listening in education

    • Teaching creativity in music production

    • Tensions between technology and technique in teaching music production

    • Music production education and the industry: the apprenticeship model and its future in the context of Higher Education

    • Career pathways for music production graduates

    • Post Graduate provision and development

    • Government policy on Higher Education and its potential impact on Music Production degrees (e.g. TEF)

    • Student population developments and expectations

    • Future educational landscape discussion

    • other topics considered - please email

Volume Editors

  • Russ Hepworth-Sawyer, MOTTOsound and York St John University, UK

    • Nick Hughes, Robert Smythe Academy, UK

    • Dr Mark Marrington, York St John University, UK

    • Katie Tavini, Mastering Engineer and Educator, UK

    • Dr Paul Thompson, Leeds Beckett University, UK

Proposals should be emailed to: or via